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Mixing it up!

Getting to know a clients wants and needs within their home is really important, this assists an interior designer in determining a style to cater to. Each style serves a particular function and feeling for a room and for its occupant. Sometimes clients can’t really pinpoint what they like with cohesion. Designers often work their magic in blending a clients’ individual style with what’s fresh and new. Here is a brief description of the most basic styles within interior design and how you can intermix them together.

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Paintings on the Wall

One of the questions we always get asked here at Design Group is “What kind of artwork should I get for this room?” There is never really a clear answer for this because art is very personal. It’s supposed to evoke feeling in a person when you look at it. The colors strikes you in a particular way, the lines move your eye around the canvas, and the imagery tells you a familiar tale. One thing we always tell our clients is not to purchase a piece of artwork because it would match the paint on the wall, choose a piece that makes you feel good; something you will like to look at every day.

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